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Lighthouse Vario 2 Pocket CLEAR Stock Sheets   322789   #LHV2C

Lighthouse Vario 2 Pocket CLEAR Stock Sheets 322789

Item #: LHV2C

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The versatile collection system has been developed for the discriminating collector who desires flexibility and wants to give his collection his special, personal touch and creativity.

LIGHTHOUSE offers the VARIO sheets in double-sided black and one-sided clear sheets. The two-sided black sheets have crystal clear pockets. Please refer to the diagram shown below, regarding the various sizes and formats.

The outside dimensions are 216 x 280 mm (8 1/2 x 11). The VARIO system accommodates FDC's, Mint sheets, souvenir sheets, blocks, booklets, photos, phone cards, currency and single stamps.

You can choose between two different designs:

VARIO clear: Double-sided crystal clear foil. Especially suitable for objects which should be viewed from both sides. (Ref. no. ...C).

VARIO black: Black center foil with welded, crystal clear strips on both sides. Double sided means double the capacity. (Ref. no. ....S).

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